Start:  April 20TH through May 1ST                                            

                                                            LOCATIONS:  10-0053 thru 10-5412

Start:  April 27th through May 8th                                                           

                                                            Location  10-0050 Hoosier Hills   

                                                            Location  20-0717 thru 20-0999

                                                            Location  20-4669 thru 20-4994

                                                            Location  20-5030 thru 20-5202

Location  30-0033 thru 30-5098


Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer District (PLRWSD) was organized in 1975 as an independent political entity of the State of Indiana. PLRWSD either provides water or treats wastewater for 11 Southern Indiana counties, including the communities of Dubois, Celestine, Schnellville, and St. Anthony which affects over 31,000 households and businesses which amounts to over 100,000 people. LEARN MORE



The 2014 CCR (Consumer Confidence Report) is ready and can be obtained by clicking on this link.

OVERVIEW: The Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer District provides water to 23 water utilities and over 4,902 customers.  In all, water treated by the District is distributed into parts of 11 Southern Indiana counties.  Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer District meets or exceeds the testing and reporting requirements of the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWR), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).  The 2014 testing included weekly microbiological tests, which showed no positive result for Total Coliform.  There were no detects for Radioactive Contaminants or Synthetic Organic Contaminants.  A special testing for the gasoline additive MTBE was reported to be below the detection level.  The District participates in the State Dental Fluoridation program and adds fluoride to the treated water.  Please read the full report for all details.


2015 Chemical Bid Opening

The Chemical Bids for 2015 were opened Monday night, December 8. Click HERE to see the results. The bids will be awarded at the December 19 meeting. Thanks for your interest.


Do You Have A Leak?

We have created a new page to teach our customers about leak detection and how to diagnose if they have a leak. Visit our full page HERE.

Did you know?

The average home leaks 22 gallons of water a day.  The most common culprits of all this waste are leaking toilets and dripping faucets.  Small leaks can add up to thousands of gallons of water wasted each year.  Leaks that go undetected and unrepaired can cost you hundreds.

Do you have a leak?

Is your toilet running when no one is around?  Is your kitchen sink dripping?  Have you noticed a sudden discoloration in your walls?  Are there unexplainable wet spots in your yard?  You may have a leak.  Use the following procedure to check for leaks.  

Read Our Guide To Learn How To Read Your Meter & Check For Leaks

We have prepared a PDF file that explains how to read your meter and use it as a tool to check if you have a leak. Click HERE to download.

Additionally, this YouTube video teaches you techniques on how to diagnose if you have a leak and how to determine if the leak is inside or outside your building.



Phase VIII: Expanding Treatment, Storage Capacity

Learn more by reading the Phase VIII expansion project overview written by Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer District Board President John F. Noblitt.

On the heels of last year’s completion of a project using the latest technology to vastly improve the taste and odor of their treated water caused by algae blooms and lake turnover, the Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer District Board of Directors have approved another 3-division project to expand the treatment and storage capacity of the district’s two water treatment plants, erect another elevated tank and run an 18-mile reinforcement transmission line to an area first constructed in the late 1970’s.

Click to read more ...


Update On $25,000,000 Plant Expansion and System Improvements Project

Bid opening on phase VIII plant expansion and Baseline Road tank was held at a special meeting on Wednesday, November 13.

Mitchell & Stark Construction Company was low bid on the plant expansion and Mid-Atlantic Storage Solutions was low bid on the new Baseline Road tank. Construction should begin in February 2014 on the plant expansion and April 2014 on the new tank.

These 2 parts of phase VIII will expand treatment capacity in plant 2 from 5 million gallons per day to 10 million gallons per day and tank storage capacity by 1 million gallons with a new million gallon tank on Baseline Road in southwestern Orange County.

The balance of this project is expected to bid mid to late 2014.


New View And Pay Online Options Now Available

You now have the ability to go online and view your balance. Simply click on the "Pay Your Bill Online" image on the right column of our webiste and follow the instructions.

Once signed in, you have the option to just view your balance and do not have to pay online. If you choose to pay online, it gives you several options to choose from.

There is also the toll free phone number, 1-877-885-7968, you can call and pay your bill. The cost is only $2.99 per transaction when you pay online. No cost just to view. Check it out! We hope you’ll find it even more convenient. Visit our PAYMENTS page to learn more!