Payments & Autopay

We now offer online payment as well as the option to view your balance online!

Through the online option you can set up Auto-Pay for the amount of your bill or a fixed amount, make an immediate payment or schedule a payment.

Pay Your Bill Online By Credit Card or Debit Card
CLICK HERE TO PAY YOUR BILL ONLINE by visiting our payment partner Payment Service Network.

Pay Your Bill By Phone Using Credit Card or Debit Card
Call 1-877-885-7968 to pay your bill via our payment partner Payment Service Network.

View Your Balance Online
CLICK HERE TO VIEW YOUR BALANCE ONLINE by visiting our payment partner Payment Service Network.

Pay Your Bill By Mail
Send payments to Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer District, P O Box 632550, Cincinnati, OH 45263-2550. Please send seven to ten days in advance of the due date to insure on-time arrival of payment. Payments are considered received by the deposit date at our Lockbox, NOT by postmark on envelope. Payments are NOT accepted at our District office.

By Auto-Pay
Save time and postage, and avoid late fees. If you sign up for this process, you will receive a regular bill each month, so you can see the readings and consumption. You payment will be deducted on the 15th of each month unless the 15th falls on the week-end, then it will be deducted the following business day. This is confidential and is handled at our District Office. Billing questions call 812-678-5781 or 1-800-313-5589 Ext. 319.

Click HERE to download the enrollment form.

Returned Checks
If your check is returned to us by your bank, your account will be charged a $25.00 returned check fee. A cashier check or money order will be required to satisfy the balance on your account.

Past due water accounts are given notices on their normal monthly bills informing the customers of the past due amount. No separate disconnect notice is sent. Past due amounts are past due and expected to be paid at the time of notification. Past due water accounts not satisfied within 10 days of the notice are subject to be disconnected. Should water service be disconnected, the District’s policy states that water service must remain off overnight. Service can be restored the next business day if the past due account is paid current plus a reconnect charge of $100.